Saint Mary students will be educated about Internet safety. While the network at Saint Mary is a safe, filtered place to explore, students will have access to unsupervised, un-filtered Internet access at other computers. Common sense and a responsible user will keep themselves safe from the vulnerabilities of the Internet.

While no filtering software can guarantee complete safety, we do teach students to be responsible users of web material and to report and leave sites that are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate.

The links to the right are to popular Internet safety organizations. Parents are invited to check out these sites as they will help you understand, navigate, and set limits on your students.

Internet Safety Topics will be covered throughout the course of each Saint Mary students' technology class as part of the technology curriculum.

Filtering Internet at Home

While students are at school, and using the school wireless and Internet, the websites they visit are filtered to reduce the risk of visiting a website with obscene images and material.

It is possible for you to set-up your internet at home to do the same. One of the best tools available is OpenDNS. Instructions are available for filtering your traffic at home [link]. Free and paid options are available.

Federal Communication Commission

Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA).... Mandated federal law regarding internet safety for students while at school. Saint Mary follows these policies to the strictest. We employ even higher security measures through content filtering, web access policies, and email access policies.

Protecting Children's Privacy