Intermediate Grade 5-6

During the Intermediate Technology years, 5th and 6th graders study global technology. Technology is not just sitting down at a personal computer. We will explore the many intricacies of technology and how they relate and drive business and our culture. Topics such as the evolution of communication and industrial process will be looked at. We will spend much of our time drawing conclusion about real live data and how technology plays an important role of our society.

Students will be able to create spreadsheets, understand documents, understand basic web development.

Typing Pal - School Code: TPOSTMARY

Register for Typing Pal using that code, then link it to Google. See Mr. T for more information an help with that!


Animation has been a big part of our culture. Stemming from animated films.

Create an animation using Microsoft Power Point.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PowerPoint Animation Tutorial.