Tech Stage Crew

Saint Mary Tech/Stage Crew consist of students in grades 6-8 that assist on operating the technical side of theatre for the annual spring school musical.


"To assist all technical aspects of a Saint Mary School Musical show without being seen or heard!"

All tech crew will abide by the following rules:

1. Never be seen on stage.

2. Never be heard on stage.

3. Never interfere with the actors or operation of the show.

4. Troubleshoot and solve problems BEFORE the problems are known.

5. Remain thankful and humble at all times.


During ALL SHOWS: ALL CREW members must wear FULL BLACK.

Long-sleeve shirt, and black pants and black shoes. (Dark color gym shoes are appropriate).

NO SPORTS/SWISHY PANTS. No writing on any surface. Must be plan black pants and shirt.

On school days, Crew must wear uniform to school but can change into their stage crew uniform before show time.

Hair must be worn down.



Please note, work schedule is DIFFERENT from the cast and chorus schedules.

Mandatory Meetings:

If selected to the crew, you MUST commit to be at the rehearsals listed below. Any absences must be pre-approved by the Technical Director, Mr. Tuntland or Show Director Mrs. Blomeke.

Also note, you will be charge $25 as a participation fee to cover cast party, cast t-shirt, and other related crew expenses.

Stage Managers and Props for Set Movements--- 2:55-4:30 in the AC.

Tuesday, February 20: ALL ACT 1

Thursday, February 22: ALL ACT 1

Friday, February 23: ALL ACT 2

Stage Managers and ​Props & Add Curtain - 2:55-4:30 in the AC

Tuesday, February 27: ALL ACT 2

Thursday, March 1: ALL UNTIL 5:00- ACT 1

All Tech Crew

Friday, March 2: ALL UNTIL 5:00- ACT 2

Monday, March 5: ALL UNTIL 5:00- FULL SHOW

Tuesday, March 6: ALL UNTIL 5:00- FULL SHOW

Wednesday, March 7: ALL UNTIL 6:00 (TECH REHEARSAL)

Thursday, March 8: ALL from 6:00-8:30pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)

Optional: Crew stays afterschool - Jimmy John dinner (on own money delivered to SMS at 4:30pm).

Friday, March 9 AM Show @ 9am

Crew Call @ 8:35am (Go to your first period class)

Crew Pizza Party @ 4:30pm in Comp Lab

PM Show - Crew Call @ 5:30pm

PM Show @ 7pm, ends at 9pm.

Saturday, March 10 PM Show @ 7pm - Crew Call @ 4:30pm