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Mr. Mike Tuntland


847-459-6270 - Ext 230

Office/Prep Hours: Mon & Wed: 1:30-3pm... Other hours by appointment.

I am Mr. Tuntland. I have been at Saint Mary since the 2009/2010 school year. I am the Technology Administrator for the Parish and School community. I am a graduate of Illinois State University as a Middle Level Education Major. I am recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education's No-Child-Left-Behind standards as highly qualified in nearly all teaching areas Kindergarten through 8th Grade. I am also currently becoming a Google Certified Teacher/Trainer.

I grew up in Des Plaines attending Maine West High School. I am a lifelong parishioner of Our Lady of Hope Parish in Rosemont. My path towards teaching started in my young days working with youth programs and day camps. During my studies at Illinois State University, I spent over 100 hours inside middle schools and lab settings. My formal student teaching was at Lincoln Middle School in Peoria. I taught 7th grade science and language arts in a year-long program under the tutelage of some of the most decorated educators in the middle school movement.

Following my time in Peoria, I became a substitute teacher at Maine West High School in Des Plaines working in virtually every department in the building. I also worked a year in the Special Education Department at Maine West working with the Educational Life Skills Program. I started my time at Saint Mary as a part-time sub, primarily with the Junior High grades. While subbing, at Saint Mary I also became involved with the Camp Edward's Environmental Education programs. I was hired full-time in 2009 to teach 5th-8th grade math, and technology. Over the years, I have moved around the building teaching 6th grade math, language arts, and STEM. All the while, I have maintained teaching Technology to our students (and also our teachers!).

As part of my love for teaching is my love for using and implementing technology! From everything to calendars to communication to forms, you will hopefully find EVERYTHING you need to know about my classes and then some on my webpages. I will do my darnedest to keep all pages up to date, but if you see something not so up-to-date, just let me know! My pages will also be used heavily by the students to access information, resources, as well as collaborate on.

In addition to my classes, I am also responsible for coordinating and operating the technology on the Saint Mary Campus. Google Apps is by far one of my most favorite areas of technology to work in the school. It is an amazing array of programs powered by Google that offer us ( teachers, parents, administrators, students, etc), the ability to work with technology and collaborate, even away from school! We┬┤ve also been fortunate enough to use Google technologies in our lab and wireless technology solutions. You are already seeing Google Apps at work as our websites are through this new program!

In addition to my responsibilities at Saint Mary, I coach diving at Maine West High School. I have a strong passion for aquatics, lifeguarding, and swimming pools. I am also a huge scuba diver spending a lot of my free time in Lake Michgan exploring the shipwrecks and also diving in the cave in northern Florida. I am almost ALWAYS around some form of water, including the frozen stuff as I play ice hockey as a goalie and a forward.

I look forward to an awesome year at Saint Mary! If you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me via email.