Course Policies

Saint Mary Technology classes are part of the specials curriculum program at Saint Mary School. The goal is to ensure that students at Saint Mary are able to utilize technology resources to the best of their ability in other areas of the academic careers.



Most course work is participatory in nature and done in school on campus computer systems. We use Google Classroom, Sites, and Calendar to organize work and communicate assignments.

Students are expected to use their Google Apps system in order to manage, perform, and communicate assignments. Ample time is given in class to complete assignments. Though many students choose to work on assignments from home, there is no expectation of students to perform work at home.

Due dates are generally communicated via the Tech website and Google Classroom.


Late work is accepted until the grading period officially ends. Late work penalty is 1% point per day the assignment is late.


All Saint Mary School policies are in effect 24/7 when students use technology facilities. Students are also reminded they are required to follow the school's Acceptable Use Policy whenever using campus technology.

Students are permitted to leave the classroom to use the restroom with permission from the teacher. They sign out and use a pass.

Failure to have proper classroom conduct will result in disciplinary measures being assigned. Measures include removal from class, assignment of detentions, and referral to the Principal at the discretion of the classroom teacher.


Participation: This is defined as the students daily interaction in class. Positive participation includes time-on-task, and appropriate use of classroom resources. Students will be marked down on their participation for Inappropriate use of time, behavior, or other factors that limit their learning. Removal from class will result in 0 point earned for the day.

Projects: Technology classes are hands on. Usually assignments on the computer will follow any type of class discussion. Webquests, creation on software, or submission to blogs, forms, emails will also count as projects.

Typing : Students are expected to be practicing their typing skills with Typing Pal, our school's selected online typing software. Students will achieve certain benchmarks using the software.

GRADES PreK-4th Grade

Students are graded on a pass/fail basis. Evaluation consists of classroom observation of skills and daily classroom participation.

Typing Pal - for grades 1-4 is a given at a progressive pacing using interactive tutorials and practice screens.


Students are graded on the letter grade. Evaluation consists of daily observation, participation, and evaluation of assigned course work.

Grades 5-6

40% Participation, 40% Projects, 20% Typing

Grades 7-8

25% Participation, 30% Projects, 25% Unit Exams/Quizzes*, 20% Typing

* Periodic quizzes will be given to gauge the effectiveness of classroom learning. In addition, there will be a unit exam given at the end of each trimester. A study guide will be given to students prior to the unit exams.


At Saint Mary School, by the end of the indicated year, students should have the proficiency to type at the rates listed in the table. The Typing Pal software will be set progressively to allow students to pass, however the final exam will require the following rates.

Most local high schools have ceased their technology proficiency exams for incoming freshmen. However, in general, most technology departments have requested that students come into high school with a minimum typing rate of 30 words per minute with less than 15% error rate.