Chrome Central

Google Chrome has been the trusted and preferred browser on the Saint Mary campus. The browser works for and seamlessly with our Google Apps for Education products. The Google Apps for Education is reshaping teachers and students approaches to learning and thinking. By putting to use available 21st century technologies, teachers can deliver and students can receive the most up-to-date information they possibly can. More importantly, as we look to roll out Google Chromebooks in our building, Chrome will also help us to push and lead our policy and security management. Even without physical hardware, the Google Chrome operating system is already being employed to handle workflow and user interface at every workstation in our building.

A Chromebook is a laptop computer. Instead of running Windows MacOS, it runs Google's Chrome operating system. The operating system is a Linux based system that relies heavily on the internet to function.

Because of the simple design and operation, they have become the favorites of schools.

Saint Mary currently has 90 Chromebooks that are available for teacher/student use throughout the school day. Several teachers also have issued Chromebooks so they are able to research and prepare lessons that will use the devices.


Chrome Web Store is available to the Public

Google Play for Education is ONLY available to teachers who have been selected by the domain admin. If you are a SMS teacher and need access, contact the Technology Dept.